goin' back

It's official...I'm going back to high school. Grade 11. I signed up for physics 11 and I'm also taking university biology classes and a refresher math class. I do have a bachelor's degree mind you, but as Mike so sweetly pointed out, it doesn't help me do a whole lot! So, the plan is to upgrade the stuff I never took (physics) and refresh the stuff that I took 12 or 13 years ago. Then I can go become a radiology tech. Unless God changes my plans as has happened often...that's ok too. I'm on an adventure, right?

Here's my little kindergarten grad last week...he might beat me to the next grad!


1001 steps

Here's some pics of Aidan and Becca at Aidan's kindergarten field trip to the beach last week. By the end of the morning he was brave enough to touch the fish and carry around a hermit crab! It was fun, I got burned, learned how to drive home from White Rock, and everybody got to see marine life...

Becca is also done with her full-time pirate patching days and only needs to do an hour a day...woohoo! Here's some of the artistic patches she wore...we had junior asparagus and laura carrot too but I can't seem to find the pics...she drew the middle one herself!


I have been frustrated with church lately...not just ours, but church in general. The body of Christ has seemed very different from what I read about in the Bible and from what I am so deeply thirsting for. I have not felt much hope for things to change, to be vibrant, to be active like the Acts 2 church...so when Mike suggested that we go to church twice yesterday I was fairly hesitant. In fact, I was unsure that I could handle going somewhere new because if it was not living and active it might be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Being that it was Father's Day, we went...to Mars Hill in Seattle. Mark Driscoll preached for about an hour through Neh. 9:1-21. He talked about prayer, confessing sins publicly, familial sins, repentance and through all of this I felt like God was doing 2 things. One, through every aspect of the service from ambiance to people to preaching it felt like a balm soothing my soul. I felt like the desperate thirst I've had was quenched a little bit. Church can be good and beautiful and living and different from the churches I've known.

And two, I felt cut to the core about repentance. I have never heard someone preach so clearly on what repentance is and the counterfeits that we settle for. He mentioned that if we don't repent, it kills our joy, our hope, our family life, our church...I think God was poking me in the side going, "You hear this, right? Listening well?" My sin has been keeping me from God, distrusting his promises, it's been killing my hope. Incidentally, I am mostly a mere confession person. I keep on confessing but hey, I'm gonna keep on sinning that same sin anyways even though I feel bad. Great intentions but little action. I'm guessing this may not come as a surprise to those of you know me well!

So here I am now, figuring out what this means in my life. The first thing I did was repent, truly repent, and by the grace of God I will be changed in my complaining, lies, impatient parenting, and selfishness. Not perfect, but changed. I will strive to keep on repenting not just confessing and living in my sin. And I will give over to God my annoying desire to please others that, when out of balance, tempts me to image manage.

The other big idea for me was that revival comes through repentance, and if I want personal revival or revival in my church it needs to start with repentance. With me, with the leaders, with everyone. I get discouraged when I wonder whether people in church are willing to repent or change, but then, if God can do it in my stubborn heart, anything is possible!


yup...it's love

I love Mike. This is a good thing considering that we're married. Lately I've been having lots more of those mushy, butterfly, stare-into-your-eyes type feelings though. Here's why...he went to Seattle on the weekend, and he e-mailed me (which was no easy task considering he had to sit on a table with the laptop in the air to send it) just to say he loved me. I came home late the next day, tired and with 2 very dirty kids in tow, knowing that I had a mountain of housework to do on top of giving the kids a bath. I came home to the smell of Swiffer, people...he had cleaned the floors!! If someone told me before we were married that the smell of Swiffer was that good I would have thought they were crazy. He bathed the kids too...seriously? What did I do to deserve this goodness?

And then in the midst of 2 big youth events at our house, Aidan came down with the flu, which meant that I got it a day later. My wonderful husband came home from work on the busiest day of his week to be here so I could sleep and the kids didn't turn into Lord of the Flies. He even bought me Sprite and later on made me scrambled eggs to try and eat (which he had never made being an egg-a-phobic). He has been so good to me and I am so thankful! He is truly the best gift God's given to me other than Jesus, and if I don't say it enough...I love you Mike.