freaking out

I am having a minor freak out at the fact that I am turning into a 1950's suzy homemaker the last couple of weeks. (insert silent scream here) To take my mind off that fact and think of something else...I figured I should respond to the itunes tag Mike hit me with in July. I so on the ball, hey? Here goes...my next 10 songs randomly on itunes...

1. All Creatures of our God and King by David Crowder Band
2. Come Thou Fount by David Crowder Band
3. Jesus I Lift My Eyes by Jars of Clay
4. Show You Love by Jars of Clay
5. Somebody Else's Boyfriend by the Corrs
6. Marvelous Light by Charlie Hall
7. O Praise Him by David Crowder Band
8. Time to Come Home by Beyonce, Angie Stone and Melba Moore
9. Pieces by Rascal Flatts
10. Innocent by Our Lady Peace

I am questioning the "randomness" of our itunes seeing as the first 3 are the only hymns I even have and there are 3 crowder songs...hmmm...oh well. There you go! I'm not one for the tagging people thing, so if you want to do it, feel free!
PS I just went through the next 10 random songs to see if my random was really random (that's a lot or randoms in one sentence) and here were the results, which seems slightly more random to me...
1.Belief by John Mayer
2. Feelin so Fly by TobyMac
3. All I Can Do by Chantal Kreviazuk
4. Stupid by Sarah McLachlan
5. She Is by the Fray
6. Dare You to Move by Switchfoot
7. Lonely No More by Rob Thomas
8. One World by Toby Mac
9. Me and My Gang by Rascal Flatts
10. Runaway by the Corrs


the shiner

Mike and I went out for our anniversary yesterday (9 years baby!) and while we were playing Aidan got a shiner in soccer. No punches or any such thing...he and a taller boy ran smack into each other's faces. Here's the results:

He assured me he was brave and only cried a "little" but that he did need 4 pieces of cinnamon toast from Grandma! I think it makes him look a little tougher...maybe...


the highlights

Becca + car = drool / Mike got his airsoft gun...then got shot by his wife

the slug killing of '07...they looked like cheesestrings after we salted them / the mouse that took up residence in a shoe at Creation / oh those Honey buckets

my very own... / Golden Gate bridge / we won these beauties on our 3rd Disney day

face painting and fun at the happiest place on earth

then there's this we found taped to the door of
my brother's apartment building...hmmm...he is a newlywed...

good times...

cross-Canada/US expeditions

We're back from our many trips this summer and now that I am caught up on sleep and slightly more organized I can get back to blogging...that is if anyone still reads this?!

We went to Calgary, Portage, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and then home for the first trip of the summer to see friends, family, and for Mike's school reunion. It was SO good to see some of our very good friends that I so treasure and wish could all live nearby. We had friends stay with us right before we left and the times together were rich. We ended up staying in basements, old bedrooms, and tents and the memories are gooders!

Our second trip was to Creation Festival in Washington with our youth where I (gulp) cooked for 18 of us. It was hot, dirty, musical, wonderfully fun, full of inside jokes, and memorable. I love having relational time with youth and just being able to live life together for a few days.

The night we got back from Creation we washed our laundry and headed straight through to California to go to Disneyland (our happy place) with Mike's parents. They had never done something like this or travelled very far before so I think it's safe to say we blew their minds! It was very fun and I still don't think it's possible to have a bad day at Disneyland.

The Knott-type things that made these seemingly idyllic trips full of...hair-pulling? craziness? We didn't know where we were staying until a few days before we went to some places...(thanks all you friends who let us be spontaneous/lazy/disorganized/indecisive)...I've never camp-cooked for 18 people before and one meal was a gong show of what do we eat off of? cook with? beg other people at a state park for?! (this was happening at the same time as me parking the rental van on a soft shoulder which meant it was stuck but good) ...and driving through San Fran was awesome but then we got into Anaheim at midnight and got up at 7 something for Disney the next morning all after next to no sleep for a week...yup I think we do this to ourselves sometimes but life is never boring!

So, now I'm enjoying summer at home and relaxing as much as possible before school starts for Aidan and Becca. The sun is even shining today, which hasn't happened much here this summer, so I am now going to go jump through the sprinkler with my munchkins. Pics of all the goodness in the next post...