some of the things going on in life right now:
  • Aidan and I are on 3 medications to hopefully stop the continuous hacking up of lungs
  • it's supposed to snow...lots...is it wrong to want it to snow so much school is closed?
  • Mike went to a meeting in my place due to the aforementioned lung hacking up of and he is great; secretly I think he just wanted to go!
  • I can't seem to use the word blessing or blessed without being very sarcastic
  • I got to talk to one of my closest friends last weekend and I am thankful for people who really know you and still love you anyways
  • if I could afford a Starbucks caramel apple cider everyday I would do it
  • wouldn't it be nice if you could be your perfect weight and still eat whatever you want?
  • I love that my munchkins still snuggle into me every morning...and I love their squishy puffy cheeks
  • I finished my math course and I did well. really well. I'm not meaning to brag, it's just that I'm proud of myself. My last math mark was a 67% in grade 12.
  • we introduced my parents to Wii last Sunday and that. was. funny. especially boxing.
  • I may sleep/read a lot today to be healthy enough to help baptize one of our youth tomorrow; I love that our church and Mike let me be a part of it
  • we'd love to go to Maui for our 10th anniversary in August...alright at this point, anywhere but camping in the backyard would be nice, but I dream of Maui


I found this little quiz and I was curious...

What's your theological worldview?
You scored as an Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan

Emergent/Postmodern 79%
Charismatic/Pentecostal 79%
Neo-orthodox 50%
Classical Liberal 43%
Fundamentalist 25%
Modern Liberal 25%
Reformed Evangelical 18%
Roman Catholic 14%

Apparently I have a hidden bit of fundamental in me...as long as I don't go all Jesus Camp I think I'll be alright.



Something I've been wrestling with lately is transformation...what God changing our lives actually looks like. In real life, what does transformation show up as? I know that I have changed because God has made me more like him...I have a really long way to go, but I can see small changes in my thinking and speaking and acting. Some people have incredible changes in them when they meet God. Maybe it's because I'm cynical, but I often wonder if the majority of us sitting in the pews really experience change and true sanctification or if we become so good at Christian image management that we look and think as though we don't need change. Do we actually let God in and let him do amazing uncomfortable, new, dramatic things? I hope that I allow God to reach in and grab hold of my heart, mind, life and that I am transformed. I hope that when people see me they see Jesus...my question to all of you is, what does transformation look like in your life? Do you see God changing you?


late copycat

Alright, since everyone has already done this a bajillion times and I am behind...here are my goals for '08. Not resolutions...those are clearly just meant to be broken.

1. Restrain my mouth more...as in the things coming out of it. Less complaining, frustration over the little things, and sometimes a little less wordiness period. Mike is laughing now. I want to be more joyful and listen a lot better.

2. Tighten the wallet...I'm working towards doing full time school, it's our 10th anniversary, and we need a car all in the somewhat near future and those things are not currently possible. So, wherever I can say no and sacrifice I'm gonna do my best.

3. Meet my 2004 goal...like I said above, I'm behind...and speaking of behind, I lost 70 pounds in '03 and while I have enjoyed not being the large (ok, very large...trust me the pictures are not so pretty) woman that I was, I would really like to make that last little bit and be healthy for a long time.

4. Balance everything...well, at least my life as much as I can. I seem to go like crazy until I drop and then I usually end up sick or exhausted and I should probably grow up and take better care of myself. After all, I am..umm...yeah, 30. And maybe if I figure it out I can have more fun time! woohoo!

5. Beat Mike...in book reading at least. He seems to think lately that he owns the book reading volume in our house and that just can't continue. He wants to read 26, so I shall say 28. Ha!