I love lists, so here's the list of events in the last (almost) month...

  • Becca turned 5
  • 5 days later Aidan turned 6
  • we recovered from cake comas
  • the whole fam got to go to Seattle for a labour day shop and swim
  • Aidan had his first day of grade one and I think is still sleep deprived
  • Becca had her first day of kindergarten and is still vibrating with excitement
  • I got my first mark back in physics and am pretty proud of myself
  • Mike started playing soccer again and all Saturdays are now officially 'Soccer Saturday'
  • Aidan lost his very first tooth and if the next wiggly one falls out soon he can fit his finger through there
  • we got to splash around at Cultus Lake one last time
  • I got a math tutoring job again and I didn't realize how much I missed it
  • Becca's wearing eye patches again
  • and finally, today I enjoy my last day as a 29 year old...I may start hibernating tomorrow

I think that's it...here's some pics for your viewing pleasure...