More White Stuff

So, it is snowing again. The pretty kind where everything looks Christmasy and white and fluffy and undisturbed by people. I like it. And tomorrow is the big day...the moving day! It will have been just over a year since we left Devon and even longer since we've seen our stuff. It kinda feels like Christmas is coming early this year and it's on November 30. It ought to be interesting in the snow and rain tomorrow morning!


Snow Day

I dreamed of snow, wanted to see the beauty of snow...and boy did I get it! Today, we woke up to crazy blowing wind (ok, like Regina normally has) and to quote the announcer on Global, we're bracing for "brutal temperatures" tomorrow of, get this...-5!!! Are you kidding me?! When is -5 brutal? I think that people here should live in SK for one winter and it might redefine what "brutal temperatures" really are!

All incredulity aside, there really is a lot of snow and our little dinky car is stuck in the driveway. Yup. And Mike took my Mom's truck to work because he couldn't quite fathom staying home on a day when it's only -4 and there isn't as much snow as we've seen living elsewhere. I think the prairies are stuck in us for good! I'm still lovin' the snow though. Now it really is winter, Christmas feels closer, and life feels a bit more normal.

Oh yeah...3 days till the move!



The weather network is telling me that it's going to snow 15-20 cm of snow today and I am freakishly excited! Since moving here one year ago today (when it also snowed!) the weather has been great but so very different from what I'm used to. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not missing the horrible freeze-your-boogers cold, but I do miss snow, especially around Christmas time. It's so pretty when it falls at night and makes everything seem to stand still and look clean and untouched. Plus, it makes for great fun to play in the next day! Ican't wait to pull out my mittens!!


7 days...

Yup, the countdown is on till we're in our new house. The permanent, no more boxes, got our own space house and I can't wait!! It's been a year and a bit of boxes, very little privacy, and lots of adjustments. Thankfully God has helped keep us sane and even somehow make time go by relatively quickly.
So other than the above things that I'm thankful for, I am just super excited about my orange bathrooms. I love the colour orange and I've always wanted to have some kind of an orange room. I think that Mike even likes it now! I'll post some pics once the house is done so you can all see...and as always, come stay with us if you're near here!


Happy Place Highlights

Now that I'm back from sunny California and needing to place my house on pontoons to survive the Vancouver rainy season, I thought I'd make myself feel better by posting some of my holiday pics from Disneyland and area. So, here goes...

The captions are...we met Santa SoCal style, we avoided It's a Small World all week and then waited in line for over an hour to see it redone for Christmas because we're strange that way, one of our ghetto pics of rides, this was the sign on the movie theatre...hmmm...why?, yes, Ryan Seacrest and Daniel Powter came to play for us because we're just that famous, and the gingerbread huddle makes me smile and my mouth water all at once. All in all a great time!



I'm here at the National Youth Worker's Convention in Anaheim and it's my favourite time of the year...good speakers, amazing worship, learning, people who get what Mike and I do and encourage us...this year as always the best part is that God is doing something in my life. The theme is Reveal and I feel like He's revealing more of my areas I need to change, repent from and give to Him, and just the need to let Him be all I need. As one speaker said, He is the great I AM which means that I am not. Lots of thoughts running through my head, but I'm excited and a little scared to see what God's going to do...I truly pray that I let Him do it and let go of all my pride. I want to come home and really change, the kind that only God can do...pray for me?


Next Aisle Daddy?

We joined in the official 'get candy from strangers' holiday yesterday and it was fun! Our kids didn't get quite the haul they were used to in Devon, but since we only had 6 kids at our door it worked out about the same for total candy accumulation. We went to 3 streets, and as we get finished the first one, Becca asks, "Can we go down the next aisle Daddy?" in all her Cinderella cuteness! We went to the church for more candy and games after too, and by 9 they were a pretty tired fireman and princess. It was great...I miss all our friends and all the people we would normally visit back in Devon, but this was a good start to traditions in Abbotsford too. Now, how do I snitch candy for Mike and I? Maybe I'll do what my friend's parents did to them...take half and tell them it's for poor kids who have no candy...just kidding! Lie to children? I would never to do that! Bribing on the other hand...