I shouldn't laugh

but I can't help it...


I think I'm in BC

I am a die-hard Alberta girl but I think that BC is starting to creep in. I find myself wearing capris and sandals in October, enjoying 17 degree days and thinking that it's starting to get a bit 'crisp', craving Starbucks black tea lemonade, and today I visited a fish hatchery. Now, don't get me wrong...I love winter, especially the first snow, and the prairies, and the fact that everything is half the price in Alberta compared to BC. But I gotta admit, this side of the mountains, the warmth, and all there is to do year round is growing on me. Now if only we could teach these BC people to drive...!


Pumpkin Patch and Monster Faces

I got to go along with Aidan's kindergarten class today as they went to the Apple Barn and Pumpkin Patch in Abbotsford. It was interesting trying to keep track of 4 busy 5 year old boys on a farm, but so fun to see them pick their own pumpkin and run away from goats!

Later, Aidan and Becca decided to have a monster face-off. I'm thinking that Becca won, but what do you think? They make me laugh...


A Saturday to Relax

Today's been a good day...one of those rare slow moving days that lets you finally get to some things you've wanted to do forever and maybe even wear comfy only-at-home clothes while doing them. So, here I sit in my scrubs getting to my blog only 3 weeks later. Not that I procrastinate...no, not me!

But, truly, life is starting to slow down to a more manageable pace now that September kickoff season is over and school for Aidan has become routine. I find myself looking forward with excitement instead of anxiety and for that I am thankful.

Some fun things I did today...watched Aidan play soccer, made Oatmeal Raisin cookies, watched my Oilers beat Colorado, saw our new house, watched The Office fake PSA's, and generally moved in a slow pace. It'll have to tide me over 'till the next slow Saturday!