5 Things...

So apparently I've been tagged by Mike to do this, so here's 5 things you might not know about me...

1. I once dislocated my thumb by sitting on it, and that sounds really bad, but if you hear the whole story it's not as awful sounding!
2. I must have one piece of furniture in my house that completely clashes. So far, this hasn't been a problem as most of our furniture is all hand-me-down or on its 9th owner, but my Grandpa's old orange chair is SO ugly and I love it!
3. I love game shows. I mean, I wanted to get the Game Show Network so I could watch old game shows because I think they're funny. I hope one day to be on the Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune (I think my chances are best on those 2 and you don't have to be crazy like on Deal or no Deal).
4. I lose myself in books. the kind where I don't hear anything, don't realize that anyone is near me, and hours go by in a flash...you know...like guys in front of hockey on TV.
5. I sang in choirs, musicals, and church worship teams when I was growing up. I won solos and supporting roles even and one day I think I might sing with Mike potentially in a family band. Ok, just kidding about the family band part but the rest is true!


Home Sweet Chaos

Here's our box world and what moving in was like...it was actually cold that day since the snow was still here, so I was VERY happy that with doors open in our part all day that our bathroom floors were heated! Between cleaning, juggling kids, and figuring out whose stuff goes where, getting into our house was an adventure! I love it though and am SO thankful that we are even living here in Abbotsford, let alone in such a gorgeous place, when it all seemed so bleak last spring.
My favourite thing is the tile in my kitchen. I love it, maybe too much, but even so it is just so good-looking! Ok, maybe it's tied with the heated bathroom floors...something about warm floors for cold feet in the morning...mmm...
Anyways, now that we're in and relatively settled and we have high speed again (finally!!) I should be posting again regularly.