God is good

So this is one of those weeks where everything that seems like it can go wrong does, the normal tasks of life feel overwhelming, the big picture stuff doesn't seem to fit what you think it should be, and all you want to do is run away to Maui. permanently. Then God shows up in a friend's loving gesture and while it doesn't change things, it reminds you that he is there. And sometimes that's enough to keep on going. At least it was for me today...



Ok, Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize? Seriously?!?!?! Setting aside the many issues I have with his movie and the way his lifestyle does not seem to match points made in said movie, what on earth has he done to promote or foster peace? Being famous for talking about climate change, and that being a hobby horse since losing the election in 2000, does not in my mind a peace prize winner make! Are we now going to give the peace prize to whoever makes the best documentary? Or to someone who talks a lot but isn't really causing any changes? Isn't there someone who is truly working with people to bring about peace in war-torn countries? Or someone who has their hands and life invested in both people and peacemaking in the world? I just wonder...

And if he ends up using this to propel him into the 2008 presidency...oooooh...!


simply christian

I finally finished Simply Christian by N.T. Wright this week. It was one of those books that I think is well written, I resonated with a lot of what was said, but I ended up reading many other books at the same time because it didn't capture my full attention. It's good, but not on par or beyond Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis as is quoted on the sleeve. That being said, here's a few of my favourite quotes:

  • "...where you're going is to make God's new creation happen in his world, not simply to find your own way unscathed through the old creation."
  • "Living as a Christian means living in the world as it's been reshaped by and around Jesus and his Spirit."
  • "The whole point of Jesus's work was to bring God's future into the present and make it stick there. But when heaven comes to earth and finds earth unready, when God 's future arrives in the present while people are still asleep, there will be explosions."
  • "...God's passion for justice must become ours, too."
  • "The Bible is there to enable God's people to be equipped to do God's work in God's world, not to give them an excuse to sit back smugly, knowing they possess all God's truth."



Here are 30 of my random thoughts since I became 30...

  1. why toe hair? do my toes really need the warmth?
  2. i really hope my oilers don't suck this year
  3. i wish i didn't say stupid things as much as i do
  4. why do i still get zits like i'm 13?
  5. i don't wanna be an adult
  6. i will cry when aidan gives up his dino
  7. i wonder if i will ever look the way i want to
  8. i like being different
  9. if i put my feet up on the pew in church to be comfortable, do the older people think i'm being disrespectful...and do i care enough to not do it?
  10. how do people in bc survive without sunlight?
  11. one day i want to walk where jesus did
  12. sometimes i wonder what life would be like without kids
  13. God is so amazing and yet so confusing
  14. am i now officially too old to wear certain clothes?
  15. i love food. a lot.
  16. aidan walked into a big sunflower today and it was really funny
  17. i should stop letting mike win our wrestling matches
  18. why don't men need to wear makeup?
  19. how do i love the way jesus loves me?
  20. if miracles happened today like in the Bible would we even believe them?
  21. i should probably fold my laundry
  22. i pray becca never has self-image and body issues like i do
  23. does kid toothpaste actually work? 'cause it smells nasty
  24. i got becca an oshkosh shirt for $2 people, $2!!!
  25. i now believe contentedness is a choice
  26. will i get my school done ever?
  27. fishnets and speedos should not exist
  28. this is a much better year than the last 2
  29. why are people cruel?
  30. i have "stuck on a feeling" stuck in my head