Ok, Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize? Seriously?!?!?! Setting aside the many issues I have with his movie and the way his lifestyle does not seem to match points made in said movie, what on earth has he done to promote or foster peace? Being famous for talking about climate change, and that being a hobby horse since losing the election in 2000, does not in my mind a peace prize winner make! Are we now going to give the peace prize to whoever makes the best documentary? Or to someone who talks a lot but isn't really causing any changes? Isn't there someone who is truly working with people to bring about peace in war-torn countries? Or someone who has their hands and life invested in both people and peacemaking in the world? I just wonder...

And if he ends up using this to propel him into the 2008 presidency...oooooh...!

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Jinny and Colin said...

We whole heartedly agree with you. I think Colin had the exact same rant just the other day.