I love sunlight

It's a good day...Mike was home in the morning, the kids are playing outside, we all got slurpees and had a tongue colour comparison, I got to shop, new Toby Mac cd is fitting my mood, we get to go to a youth conference with Shane Claiborne and Jars of Clay and I feel like something good is going to happen there with our youth, and best of all.....THE SUN IS OUT!!!!! I think that God must have personally brought it out for me because of the sheer dreariness that threatened to overwhelm me. Or Mike prayed that my complaining about the constant rain and clouds would stop! Either way, thank you God for the amazing sunshine!! And thanks for good days...


The Fam Jam

So maybe my earlier comment about being a family band was prophetic...mind you I don't think we'll be touring anytime soon. Some of us need to work on our plastic electric guitar skills and our mad recorder/harmonica fingering, but you just never know. We could be the next big thing if there's ever a reality show for families...Family Band Idol? Canada's Next Top Family Band? The possibilities are endless!


Cough. Hack. Sniff.

So, I know it's never happened before, ok maybe just once, but I'm sick. And just like every other time I get a slight hint of a runny nose, I cough. all. night. long. Mike loves it. I mean, who doesn't want to sleep beside someone who hacks and clears their throat for 2 hours at a time starting at 4am? Seriously, I've tried cough syrup, the make-you-sleep pills...nothing is working and it's been weeks. Other than the 5 days in Alberta I've coughed constantly since mid-January. Maybe I'm allergic to BC?

The highlight of this morning while I'm trying to recover from the drowsy side-effects of the cough syrup while still coughing, was the plumber coming to fix our dishwasher. I look so beautiful all red-nosed, hair everywhere, wearing Mike's old sweatshirt and talking with my husky voice. You should have seen the look on his face when I opened the door. I think the big guy may have been afraid to come in the house.

All this to say...anyone got any this-never-fails-me cough remedies? I think I'm down to my last one...a tablespoon of sugar soaked in whiskey (yes, my parents gave that to me as a kid...hmmm...) but if possible I kinda want something different! Please help...cough...cough...


A weekend away

We drove to Calgary (back to my beloved Alberta), got dressed up, and now my little brother is a married man. You know those weddings where it just seems like 2 people couldn't possibly be happier? His wedding was one of those...and I think that they both might still be perma-grinning! I'm so happy for them and it just seemed like God smiled on their day.

So some highlights of the trip...

  • Aidan in his 5 yr. old cuteness..."Hey, where's my loonies?" , the ones he was supposed to be standing on during the ceremony, and my brother stopping and pulling 2 loonies out of his wallet for him...so sweet
  • Becca dumping half the gummies out of her flower girl basket and then refusing to come off the stage after the bride and groom because she felt so sad
  • Becca then getting replacement gummies and giving them away all day long, at one point, with 12 kids following her around the church!
  • seeing good friends and having great long talks
  • going to church somewhere and not having to do anything!
  • frying our DVD player at the beginning of the trip home (it was a looooong trip home)...there's still some issue as to whose fault it was that the coffee was spilled, but I say Mike, after all who leaves their coffee on the centre console with children around??
  • seeing youth kids that are now adults and eating cheesecake..miss them all...

Good times!

PS She cheers for the Flames, but I think we'll let her in the family anyways.