to spite mike...

just because he thinks i never would...

25 things

1. i don't do country music. twang hurts my ears.
2. i once lost 70 pounds.
3. every plant i have ever owned has died except for the bamboo i currently have.
4. i once crashed a friend's car, although i still believe it was the other guy's fault. he's even still my friend.
5. i love onions. they hate me. passionately.
6. when i was seven i punched my brother so hard i knocked his tooth out.
7. i've had 4 surgeries, 2 iron transfusions (3 if you count the one i stopped breathing with), and countless hospital stays and tests. free healthcare is goooood.
8. i grew up thinking that they coated the power lines so birds wouldn't get shocked. thanks dad.
9. cottage cheese + mayo = goodness
10. i once had dinner with Haley Wickenheiser and Angie and i got to wear her medal.
11. i played the clarinet for 6 years and the piano for 11, now i play itunes.
12. my favorite book is Exodus by Leon Uris.
13. i used to do endurance swimming in high school and once did 3000m in one shot.
14. i broke a vertebra in my back last year. on a trampoline. and yes, i know i was 30.
15. i always hesitate to put things up on my walls because every time i do, we end up moving shortly after.
16. i don't drink coffee or caffeine in any form.
17. when Mike and Becca are gone it's a peanut butter frenzy over here.
18. i love people and i love hearing their stories.
19. i love hearing people's stories while at Starbucks...with a caramel apple spice.
20. i know sports, i watch sports, it never bothers me when sports are always on our tv.
21. i am a more energetic, happy person when the sun is out.
22. i once ran over a dead deer. with a white car...you could see the chunks and blood...shudder.
23. i love to travel and want to one day visit Europe, Israel, Africa, and paradise-like islands.
24. i once had the lead as a blue songbook in a Psalty musical at church. blue tights, people.
25. i convinced Mike that i was a carnie. that's still good for a laugh!

and as an added bonus, this video is just plain awesome.


Knotter said...

ah yes...but will you post again sometime before next year?

Tammy said...

I know she will. I have faith in her. No wonder you and I get along. Miss you! :)

Dori said...

Is there any photographic evidence of this blue tights experience :P