late copycat

Alright, since everyone has already done this a bajillion times and I am behind...here are my goals for '08. Not resolutions...those are clearly just meant to be broken.

1. Restrain my mouth more...as in the things coming out of it. Less complaining, frustration over the little things, and sometimes a little less wordiness period. Mike is laughing now. I want to be more joyful and listen a lot better.

2. Tighten the wallet...I'm working towards doing full time school, it's our 10th anniversary, and we need a car all in the somewhat near future and those things are not currently possible. So, wherever I can say no and sacrifice I'm gonna do my best.

3. Meet my 2004 goal...like I said above, I'm behind...and speaking of behind, I lost 70 pounds in '03 and while I have enjoyed not being the large (ok, very large...trust me the pictures are not so pretty) woman that I was, I would really like to make that last little bit and be healthy for a long time.

4. Balance everything...well, at least my life as much as I can. I seem to go like crazy until I drop and then I usually end up sick or exhausted and I should probably grow up and take better care of myself. After all, I am..umm...yeah, 30. And maybe if I figure it out I can have more fun time! woohoo!

5. Beat Mike...in book reading at least. He seems to think lately that he owns the book reading volume in our house and that just can't continue. He wants to read 26, so I shall say 28. Ha!


unmentionables said...

I am so glad to see you back again. I miss you! As for your goals....they are great ones and I know that you can do it. In fact I have thought those same goals myself so we are in this together girlfriend! :<)

Amanda said...

Sound like some really good goals to me too! I found your blog off Tara's and so I thought I'd check it out and say a little 'hi'.

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin... if you wanna beat Mike in the reading thing and need a great read... I strongly recommend "The Shack" by William P. Young. It will make your brain hurt but it shows the AMAZING love of God. Seriously add it if you haven't already. Let me know if you DO read it cuz it would be great to talk about.

half the man Mike is said...

I don't have any hesitation betting against Mike in the whole "reading contest". Just to make things clear you should have mentioned to him that "Dr Seuss" and "Choose your own adventure" books don't count. Neither should youth ministry books count either because we all know that they have many pictures and secretly hold a compartment for Nintendo DS' and PSP's so it looks like they're reading! Trust me, i used to be a youth pastor ... really!
I should also mention you should make clear that you meant 28 books ... not words :-)