Something I've been wrestling with lately is transformation...what God changing our lives actually looks like. In real life, what does transformation show up as? I know that I have changed because God has made me more like him...I have a really long way to go, but I can see small changes in my thinking and speaking and acting. Some people have incredible changes in them when they meet God. Maybe it's because I'm cynical, but I often wonder if the majority of us sitting in the pews really experience change and true sanctification or if we become so good at Christian image management that we look and think as though we don't need change. Do we actually let God in and let him do amazing uncomfortable, new, dramatic things? I hope that I allow God to reach in and grab hold of my heart, mind, life and that I am transformed. I hope that when people see me they see Jesus...my question to all of you is, what does transformation look like in your life? Do you see God changing you?

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